Some eye-catching and thought-provoking lines from John C. Maxwell’s “BE A PEOPLE PERSON”

While reading this amazing book by a great world-recognized Author, John C. Maxwell, I was exposed to some really interesting thoughts which caught my attention, and I’ll love to share them with you all.

1) “Empty your days of the search for security; fill them with passion for service.”

2) “Empty your hours of the ambition for recognition; fill them with the aspiration for achievement.”

3) “Empty your moments of the need for entertainment; fill them with the quest for creativity.”

4) “If you are wise, you will lose yourself into immortality. Lose your cynicism. Lose your doubts. Lose your fears. Lose your anxiety. Lose your unbelief.”

5) “A person must soon forget himself to be long remembered. He must empty himself in other to discover a fuller self. He must lose himself to find himself. Empty yourself into an adventure.”

6) “Almost all emotional problems and stress come from unresolved conflicts and failure to have developed the right relationship with people.”

7) “If you are wise, you will forget yourself into greatness. Forget your rights, but remember your responsibilities. Forget your inconveniences but remember your blessings. Forget your accomplishments, but remember your debts to others.”

8) “Whatever your position in a relationship, if you are aware of a problem, it’s your responsibility to make a concerted effort to create a positive change.”

9 ) “There is no security on this earth. There is only opportunity.”

10) “People need to be encouraged.”

11) “Don’t take advantage of people.”

12) “The happiest people are those who have invested their time in others. The unhappiest people are those who wonder how the world is going to make them happy.”

13) “People who find it difficult to forgive don’t see themselves realistically. They are either terribly arrogant or tremendously insecure.”

14) “People who do not forgive are hurting themselves much more than they’re hurting others. A person who possesses these characteristics and keeps score in relationships is a person who is emotionally wired to carry all the stress that goes with carrying grudges.”

15) “Our success, fulfillment, and happiness depends upon our ability to relate to people effectively.”

16) “Contentment is taking your present situation- whatever obstacle you are facing, whatever limitation you are living with, whatever condition wears you down, whatever has smashed your dreams, whatever factors and circumstances in life tends to push you under – and admitting you don’t like it but never saying, “I can’t cope with it.”

17) “People must have affirmation and praise to maintain a high level of performance.”

18) “One of the surest ways to build confidence is to find one thing you’re good at and then specialize until you are special.”

19) “Everyone faces problems. The ability to creatively find solutions will determine the success or failure of each difficulty.”

20) “Although you and I may never attain the height of being a renowned world leader, we each have an arena of influence.”

21) “A forgiving spirit is the one basic, necessary ingredient for a solid relationship.”

John C. Maxwell is an American author, a world-recognized leadership expert, a pastor, a professional speaker, and an author who has sold over 13 million books, with some on the New York Times Best Seller list. This is one man who has greatly impacted the world.

The unexpected and destined Christmas gift.

It was on a Christmas evening in 2017, the phone rang… Hello Mr. Your sister, Joy just got the admission to study medical radiography. Joy looking so confused jumped up in excitement, what did you say? You mean I got admitted into the university? After trying for the second time. Wow! What a wonderful Christmas gift it was, it was unexpected at that moment. Joy not even processing the information that got to her immediately started to rejoice about the good news. After the excitement laid low, I paused for a moment and asked, what exactly is medical radiography? I had no idea what it was, Knowing that that wasn’t what I applied for, to study at the university, I quickly asked Google.

Joy always wanted to be a doctor, but instead was given something that only deals with bones ( so I thought) what will I do with a course such as this? Anyways I didn’t want to stay at home another extra year so I had to take what I got, with a grateful heart.

I was already in the first semester of my second year at the university, all of a sudden I didn’t like radiography. I started making plans of how I was going to sit for another exam so I could go study MBBS( Bachelor of medicine and surgery) my passion to study MBBS was rekindled, maybe it was as a result of me being in an environment where I regularly saw doctors in training. one of the most striking reasons why I didn’t want radiography anymore was because it was newly introduced into our university, we are the pioneer set. As the pioneers, a lot of issues were always on the ground that brought a lot of confusion in me, and I wasn’t sure I needed to be confused at that point in my life.

Well, the good thing is, I’m not one that goes ahead to make some certain decisions without seeking counsel from some certain important persons in my life. I was counseled and was advised to hold on to what I already had and try to finish it well then after finishing my 5 years of acquiring knowledge from that particular field, I can choose whether to practice or go ahead with pursuing my dreams of becoming a doctor.

The most interesting fact is, after my first semester in my second year, my love for radiography went from 20 to 100%. The way it happened, I don’t know.

One important lesson I learned from this is, you have no idea what you may eventually fall in love with when it comes to the things of life. Destiny will always have its way. 

Another interesting thing I realized in all this is, I know that my studying radiography is not a coincidence because the first year I applied for MBBS, I wasn’t given admission. On my second attempt, I was given medical radiography, and at the time I got the admission, we were the first set they started with. Interesting right?

The fact that I still have the opportunity to directly be of help to humanity is one of the most striking reasons why I held on to radiography. My compassion for people and the drive to see people who are hurting get better was the major reason why I wanted to be a doctor.

Shortly, I’ll be sharing some of the things that got my heart-loving radiography.

Being that medical radiography is both a combination of medicine and physics, is one of the most fascinating things about the profession.

The technology involved is 100% amazing, thanks to Wilhelm Rontgen and Marie Curie the brain behind the discovery of x rays and radioactivity respectively.

The “Radiation / Hazard symbol.”

The presence of this symbol (a magenta or black propeller on a yellow background) represents the need for caution to avoid contamination with or undue radiation exposure. One thing I love about the hazard symbol is its color combination( the yellow & black) and the propeller.

I fell in love with the technology involved and the analytical skills mixed with patient care and people skills.

The highly sophisticated machines and its fast-growing technology is just one aspect that is so remarkable. My favorite machines are the CT ( computed tomography) machine and the MRI( magnetic resonance imaging).

Today I want to feed your eyes with some beautiful machines the radiographers are opportune to operate.

The Ultrasound Machine.

The ultrasound gains us the ability to know if a pregnancy is progressing normally and the child is developing well, to avoid any possible complications.

Conventional X-ray Machine.

CT ( Computed Tomography) Machine.

MRI ( Magnetic Resonance imaging ).

Isn’t this machine such a beauty to behold? Both the CT scanner and MRI scanner have a similar physical appearance but both differ in their technology, and how they function. CT uses ionizing radiation while MRI uses magnetic resonance.

Other machines includes;

Fluoroscopy Machine.

Radiotherapy Machine.

Nuclear Medicine Machine.

Wouldn’t it be unfair for me to say, I love my machines more than my patients? I guess it wouldn’t work that way because our patients are our number 1 priority.

In all, there is one thing I want us to always keep in mind.

Most things in life aren’t accidental. Some may come in shades we least expect but come about, for the betterment of our lives. Anything you find doing, first, be sure to let God guide you and help you make the right choices so you wouldn’t have to regret any decision you make and also learn to seek counsel( good counsel) from people who you admire and have gone ahead of you, in life.

Thank you, faithful readers. You’re all the reason why I keep writing.


Some amazing thoughts on decision making.

Hello, beautiful people with great minds. I trust you’ve all been doing good.

Most thoughts on today’s post are teachings I learned from a man I respect a lot, in the person of Dr. Joshua Tende. He is a teacher and a lecturer at the department of Human physiology at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. I will love to share with everyone some of his thoughts on decision making with additions of my thoughts.

Interestingly, I practically saw a good friend decide on an issue many people including myself would address based on what pleases us instead of It being based on our value system and most importantly what pleases God and what will be beneficial to our life after death. This experience practically challenged me to be better at making the best decisions concerning all that I do.

Decision-making 101 times determines the quality of life anyone would ever have. All of our lives are built on the decisions we make, either good or bad ones. From research, it’s been estimated that an adult makes 35,000 conscious decisions each day. In contrast, a child makes about 3,000 (Sahakian & hamp; labuzetta, 2013).

Just imagine you keep making 35,000 wrong decisions multiplied by 365 days in every year😮🤧, don’t wanna imagine what a person’s life would look and feel like in the next 5 years.

How do we get to make the right decisions?

Point number 1.

First, we have to know that the choices we make in life are a result of our value systems.

Personally, my value system is based on God’s value systems. I generally wouldn’t do what God doesn’t expect me to do, although many times this is hard to do cause God’s standards are very high, and you will likely fail at it if you don’t get God involved in your business. We can’t go about doing things the way God expects from us without His help.


Value denotes the degree of importance of something or action, intending to determine what actions are best to do or what way is best to live. On the other hand, our Value System is prospective and prescriptive beliefs; they affect the ethical behavior of a person or are the basis of their intentional activities (Wikipedia.)

Therefore, every choice we make as humans are based on what value we consider important.

Point number 2.

Your life moves in the direction of your choices. The choices you make will either make you better or destroy you.

Point number 3.

Every decision we make should be guided by the fear of God in our hearts. ( reverence for Him.)

Point number 4.

Make decisions based on the God kind of love(Agape), that unconditional love, the same that seeks to favor every of mankind. Doing this will always constrain us from making decisions that bring distress to people or even ourselves. Let the love of God shared abroad in our hearts, guide every of our decision making.

We have four types of individuals based on the decision they make and they include:

1) Those who make decisions based on their past experiences. These set of people are considered the greatest failures in life. This is because our past experiences only give room for what has already occurred to repeat itself, it doesn’t give room for better experiences.

2) Those who make decisions based on their present circumstances. A wise man makes decisions putting the future into consideration not only what the present has to offer.

3) Those who make decisions putting their future into consideration. This set of people are wise but limited in their wisdom because they do not know what the future holds. Lol!

4) Those who make decisions based on Eternal values are the successful ones. The more eternal consciousness you develop the more successful you become in decision making. If we have at any point observed life very critically you might have noticed that every decision you make boils down to how it will affect your life after death.

One sign of a responsible person is one who is well aware of the consequences he/ she will face as a result of any decision that a person chooses to make.

I hope this was helpful?

Learn to make the best decisions and enjoy the good life. Thanks for stopping by ❤

A leader and his/her people; Breaking the barrier between the two.

The barrier between the two, a leader and his/her people is most importantly broken through effective communication.

As much as communication is very important in every sphere of life, it is good we are aware of how to be engaged in an effective one. Communication, where there is no exchange of information and understanding, is useless.

Communication is key in any form of relationship, be it a love relationship, the relationship between family & friends, including those at the workplace. communication is remarkably important to God our ultimate leader( the author of leadership), that’s why he constantly seeks to have us pray to him, cause that’s one of the very important ways amongst others, He gets to communicate across to us the very things he would have us do.

Have we at any point thought of the reasons why we all want to live a life that is pleasing to God, why we seek deeper levels of intimacy with Him? Or why we choose to follow His leadership? I’ll tell you, it’s a result of how much service He renders to humanity. The protection, unconditional love, mercy, provision of our needs, and the likes of them. These are the reasons why we still believe in God’s sovereignty.

Have you ever thought of why every human who loves God wants to constantly communicate with Him through prayers? This is because we believe that when we pray wholeheartedly we are assured of answered prayers. This is what I call ” the call and answer.” Pause and think for a moment!

As a leader, if you are constantly talking to people and you aren’t getting the required response from them, it means something is wrong somewhere. It’s either you are not passing the message you want to deliver to them appropriately or they don’t understand what exactly you are trying to communicate to them. In being a good leader, you have to become a good listener, you need to constantly engage your people to know if they truly understand your vision.

To put your vision before people you have to see it for yourself first, then you must be able to creatively communicate it to others for them to have the ability to envision and then execute it. That’s one quality the Almighty God has, He has a vision, He sees it and He constantly seeks to communicate that vision to every of His creation so we can all see it and so we can execute His very perfect plans for us.

If a leader sees the need to constantly communicate information to his/her people, it’s going to be vise versa. In the same way, the people will see the need to give feedback and that’s how you get your vision seen and implemented by involving others and that’s how as a leader you constantly attract people of like vision toward you, making accomplishments easy.

I’ll tell you, one of the proofs of a true leader is one who can effectively communicate with his/her followers.

I have repeatedly talked about how that, leadership is all about service. When people lack this simple orientation, they begin to derail from God’s initial creative idea of what he wanted leadership to look like. How then can you effectively communicate as a leader:

1) learn to listen.

As a leader listening to your people is as important as your advancement. Listening to their views on a particular matter makes room for improvement and quality evaluation.

2) Building trust through time.

If your people believe you have their best interest at heart, it’s easier to pass your vision across to them. For you to gain the trust of others, they have to see your willingness to making things better and they have to see you have their best interest at heart.

3) Transparency.

Transparency is a very important quality of leadership and it also helps to develop trust between the leader and the people. It is the quality of being straight forward and honest.

4) Your Actions.

As a leader, your actions should speak louder than your words. You should always do what you say, and say only what you can do. It’s a sign of responsibility.

Having reached the terms, of how important communication is in leadership. Communication not only closes the bridge between leaders and their people, but it also ensures that both parties are well aware of the next right step to take at every moment to grow and make progress.

Discovering you.

Through time past I’ve been talking about making an impact, servant leadership, and how valuable living a fulfilled life is. But I haven’t talked about how to discover your purpose in life. Your life’s purpose is the particular function for which God created you and discovering your purpose in life is what leads to you making an impact.

Have you ever thought about why it is so important to live and accomplish God’s purpose for your creation? This is because you will malfunction, struggle and won’t live a fulfilled life outside of God’s plan for you and the world won’t get to enjoy the best out of you.

How do you go about discovering your purpose in life?

First and foremost, you need to know your creator and know what he is saying about you at every point in time. yes, you!
A certain man once talked about how his Mercedes Benz started to develop a fault and he decided to take it to the mechanic, surprisingly the fault his Mercedes developed was as a result of it being underused. The Mercedes was built for speed but the owner probably didn’t know and because of his ignorance, he didn’t use the car to the best of its potential.

So today I encourage every one of us to constantly ask our creator, through prayer, what his original purpose for our lives is and trust me you will have your answers in no time.

Another way to discover your life’s purpose is by asking “what are my gifts and talents?”
God specifically put gifts and talents in you, as a tool for you to function well and perform whatever He will have you do.
God will not give you a gift without Him having a reason for putting that gift in you. We all need to locate, refine, and be able to functionally use the gifts God has placed in us.

It is known that most humans have more than one gift, yes I am one of those individuals, those are pointers to what God has creatively shaped your life to look like, and that’s a very good thing. What you have to do is to actively develop and refine every one of them, after which you begin to deploy it and be a blessing to mankind.

Be the change you want to see.

Our World today is not the same as it used to be, numerous things are not as they used to be. But not all the change that has happened is for the good. If we look at our society today, we will see a lot of things that have changed for the worse.

There’s a gross disregard for law and order, moral decadence, selfishness and greed, misuse and abuse of power to mention a few and it hasn’t always been that way. We’ve all had our bitter experiences with all these societal menaces and if there is going to be any positive reform, we all have a role to play to ensure that things don’t continue to change for the worse in our society as it is said that “Change begins with you and me.”

“We are the leaders of tomorrow.” This is a song I sang almost every day in primary school thinking that leadership is something that would just happen to a person due to the progression of era and status.

When and where is tomorrow?

Are we not already in the tomorrow, we were singing about 10years ago?
Aren’t we all ripened and ready to lead?

Why are we not serving and leading then?

The ongoing protests to “End SARS” all over Nigeria gave me a glimpse of how some people will nonchalantly sit back and watch things continue getting worse. Why don’t we step out and build the better Nigeria we’ve always hoped and prayed for? Why do we always sit and do nothing while things continue going south?

We all have a voice that would be heard if only we speak out, having a voice doesn’t just strictly apply to our speeches, it applies to us taking the initiative to work out things for the better, to not just sit, and watch as something bad continues to happen when you can do something to improve it.
You have a voice, I have a voice and that voice must be heard if we will speak together as one.

No valuable thing can be attained in life if we don’t insist on it happening, and most times these things will require you stepping out to take a risk.

There is nothing good that never had a 50/50 chance of going bad. “Fear is the surest cause of failure” John C.Maxwell.
Fear has a sure way of hindering our successes.

Okay, I know not everyone will get the opportunity to occupy a position of influence in the government but we must not hold back when we can do something good. Leadership whether good or bad has significant effects on our individual lives.
If we must acquire the quality of life we desire, then we must all stand up for what we reckon is right, because the disposition of leadership is the most important factor that determines the level of success that can be achieved.”

Don’t think what’s going on in Nigeria right now wouldn’t affect you. Can you not see it! how one aspect is being handled, will determine how other aspects are going to be handled when an issue arises.
Let’s think about this!

I can’t imagine how young and intelligent folks will see things going haywire and keep their mouths shut, behaving so lackadaisical.

This isn’t just all about the protest, it’s all about standing for what is right whenever the need arises. Let’s all stand for what is right, I can’t stress this enough, so let’s begin to do what ought to be done.

“No pain, no gain.” The price for greatness.

There’s this famous saying, “no pain, no gain.”

According to John C. Maxwell, “No gain is ever made without the possibility of loss.” Greatness is gain, and it isn’t cheap. Imagine greatness without having to pay a price to get it, it wouldn’t even mean a thing to you nor add value to anyone, cause there won’t exist a story that would be an inspiration to the world.

Sometimes our success stories are exactly what people need in order for them to step into the next phase of their lives, and if we never push to have one, someone somewhere wouldn’t be able to step into the next phase of their lives because of our inability to pay the price.

Mediocrity is not a niche for people who aspire to become great and influence people. If you want to be great, you must step out of your comfort zone because nothing great can be attained within the confines of comfort.

To become great, one needs to make up his/her mind to work their way to greatness. This will involve doing new things, trying out new ideas that one may not be familiar with, failing at something’s but not giving up, be resilient, and trying until you find what works for you. It is also important to not focus on the difficulty of any task ahead of you but focus on the potential rewards. Personally, when I have to do something very crucial which may seem a little rigorous, I hastily take my mind off the pressure and begin to think of the benefits tied to what I’m about to do, which makes it a lot easier to execute.

I’ve been a little bit of a procrastinator and a lazy one as a result of my temperament type, I often look for external forces such as; encouragements from friends, loved ones, and mentors to push me into what I ought to do, but the honest truth still stands, we won’t always get all of the encouragements we need from external forces, so we have to pull them from our inside.

Those evidently ‘pleasurable’ things we may need to sacrifice, are the prices we have to pay for greatness.

Frequently, we may need to tell ourselves that we aren’t going to purchase that shoe, instead, tell yourself you’re going to get a good book you can read and learn from, so you can apply the knowledge gotten from them into your life which may prove profitable to your future. Or you may need to execute that plan that has been on your mind, to start something great.

At times the price needed to be paid for greatness may come in the shades of agonizing experiences, one that you may totally need to lean on God for help and direction.
You may find yourself in situations that aren’t logically explainable, that’s the pain, that’s the price waiting for a transformational process unto greatness.
The price of having to learn and grow in difficult times, Who knows if you will have to lead people out of difficult situations into victory tomorrow. You may need your present challenging experiences to handle tomorrow’s problem effectively.

Our willingness to pay the price is what makes the difference, paying the price for greatness isn’t a one day’s job, it’s a thing we constantly do until we get to that place called there!

My question today stands, do you desire to be great? Are you willing to pay the price for greatness?

Servant leadership.

There’s a captivating story I once read about how an army of sheep defeated an army of lions and I quietly thought to myself that it was impossible. As I continued reading the story, I found out that the army of sheep that defeated the army of lions was led by a lion, while the army of lions that was defeated by the army of sheep was led by a sheep.

This left an impression on me about how important leadership is. The quality of leadership is the most important factor that determines the level of success anyone can achieve.
Simply put, leadership is the ability to influence others, and the best way to influence people is to become an inspiration to them.

A lot of people in our world today are full of limitless potentials and abilities which they have locked inside themselves thinking that it’s too insignificant to bring about any change in the world, imagine how much better our world will be if only we are able to use our seemingly insignificant abilities to do good. All it takes is one person who is courageous enough to use his/her own abilities or gifts to do a little good, and many others will be moved to use theirs too.

A leader is a person who has discovered his place of gifting and is consciously using those gifts to serve others. For a moment I paused to think about a caption I saw in one of Myles Munroe’s book, “who is the greatest? The one who serves.”

I have discovered that in both the past and present times, those who serve are the ones who lead. The people who are busy using their gifts to serve and be a blessing to humanity are the ones who are valued the most.

One of the greatest leaders who lived a life of service and sacrifice was Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr, he was a black American Christian minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader of the civil rights movement in 1955.

What made Dr Martin Luther King great?

He became a leader while he was busy serving the people, using his gift of oration and eloquence combined with a character of selflessness and sacrifice in leading a nonviolent protest and delivering powerful thought-provoking speeches in fighting racial inequality.

The same happens to whosoever makes up his/her mind to serve, you begin to inspire others. This what I call servant leadership.

Your ability to inspire people around you is not just tied to serving them with your gifts alone, but also how you serve. “Leadership is not a position that one is given. It is a position that one earns by proving faithful.” John C. Maxwell

If a person’s character is good towards people around him, it endears that person to those people, which ultimately results in him being able to influence their decisions and actions. On the other hand, an appalling attitude towards people pushes them away even when you are trying to do something good for them.
We all have the ability to influence people around us, we are all leaders in our own right, the question is what kind of influence are we exerting on others? What kind of leaders are we?

Leave me alone, that’s how I am.

People often use the word “that is how I am”, this line has actually become a bit of a cliché. But it is also very important to constantly and deliberately make an effort to become a better version of yourself.

Countless times, we misbehave and use the excuse “this is how I am” just to cover up for our excesses, and the funny thing is how that line has a way of making us feel better especially in this ‘Noone is perfect’ age. .But for real, who said there is no room for improvement?
It is absolutely unfair to keep doing the same things people complain about over and over again.

Let me share a short story of an experience I had.
Most of my friends have known me to be a ‘no nonsense’ person, which I agree I am.Did I just indirectly use that cliché?

Back in 2018, the littlest things get to me, I took things very personal and was very impulsive in my reactions. I immediately give it to you ‘Hot Hot’ without even thinking or trying to understand what you were saying.
Well, I believed my friends got to understand that “that was just me being myself.” Lol!
Funny enough I didn’t just act like that towards my friends, I did it to everyone who came my way, I mean anybody who tries to step on my toes – which were so easy to step on, lol.

Well I felt really happy about it at that time until I began to get complaints from people I really loved, people I knew truly cared about me and were always looking out for the best in me.
At that point, I didn’t take them too seriously until the complaints came too often.
Guess what?… I still didn’t change.
I kept being my usual aggressive self until the day my friend Joshua and I had a very serious misunderstanding.

Wow!I had never seen Joshua that furious and angry.
I kept exchanging words with him.
I was really scared because I had never seen Joshua’s sanguine temperament quickly morph into a choleric one. I had to leave the scene.

Immediately I left him, I headed back to my room and as soon as I got there, I began to think about everything that happened that night and I decided to pick my LOVED ONEs over the stubborn Joy clothed in a shirt with “that is how I am” written all over it .

The next day Joshua and I met. I apologized and we got talking and laughed about what had happened the previous day. Since that day I made a conscious effort to work on my attitude, and from that very day till now,I have seen great changes in myself because I decided to consciously work on myself.

Sometimes I tend to display some of those habits clothed in “that’s how I am” but immediately I sense them I quickly correct myself.

The fun in living is, seeing the before and after in our lives so as to appreciate the process of change. I remember how everyone wanted to jump on the 10yearchallenge last year. That’s cause it is incredibly amazing to see how much we’ve grown. The cliché, “that’s just how I am” doesn’t give room for change. Change is not only constant, it Is fun!!. I love the new me not cause I’m perfect, but because I am using feedbacks and complaints from people to keep on learning and changing.

So do you still think, “that’s how you are”?

Beautifying the world with your impacts.

Successfully making an impact in any area of life requires both the supply of favor from God and the furnishing of diligent preparation on our side.

Learning to be impacful is one of the most important decisions an individual has to make while living on earth.

To make an impact, inspire people to discover themselves, invest in or develop themselves and their talents and fulfill their potentials and whenever you can to teach them to develop certain virtues and important core values such as empathy, love, sacrifice.

“Our world has legions of potential leaders. we need to recognize and nurture the gifts in our lives and others. We all must achieve our potential and help others achieve theirs.” Myles Munroe.

For you to attain your full potential, you need to recognize the desires the creator has placed in your heart.

Two pointers help in discovering your place in life:
★the things you derive great joy from whenever you do or think about them.
★the things that make you feel bad when you hear or think about them. In this case, those things that make you feel sad whenever the thought crosses your mind should be the driving force pushing you to believe that you can be a solution to that problem.

What do you know how to do best? that you’re sure when you start doing can be a contribution to better the world.

A lot of things we enjoy in our world today are contributions made by people who with diligence and focus put in the effort to Being impactful, making our world an interesting place to be.

You know it still amazes me how an airplane so big can be suspended and controlled while in the air. This was simply a result of the brilliant ideas of some great men including that of Wilbur and Orville Wright who were American inventors and pioneers of aviation.

The first fixed-wing aircraft — a kite mounted on a stick — was conceived and flown almost a century before Orville and Wilbur made their first flights. The Wrights were first to design and build a flying craft that could be controlled while in the air, making them the first to achieve a sustainable and controlled airplane flight.
Every successful aircraft ever built since, beginning with the 1902 Wright glider, has had controls to roll the wings right or left which was as a result of them observing that birds angled their wings for balance and control which they emulated building a concept “wing warping”, pitch the nose up or down, and yaw nose from side to side. These three controls — roll, pitch, and yaw — let a pilot navigate an airplane in all three dimensions, making it possible to fly from place to place. The entire aerospace business, the largest industry in the world, depends on this simple but brilliant idea.

You know you mustn’t be an inventor to make impacts. The little things we do can be impactful.

question to consider.

What can I do that can be impactful?

keep asking yourself this question and never stop until you discover, occupy, and begin to completely function in your true place.

In discovering your true place in life, you need to be ready to be a solution .so in any sector you find your self, the health sector, educational sector, and many more. look for a problem and try to solve that problem, be a solution that problem needs, don’t just fill a space at a workplace. Anybody can replace you. It only takes days, weeks, or months of training to be able to fill any position. some of us are just too comfortable with where we are and that’s bad for people who aspire to live a fulfilled life. moving out of your comfort zone is of paramount importance. for those who are still students, you shouldn’t use your academics as an excuse not to be a blessing to mankind.